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Welcome to the Heretaunga Pistol Club Website

The Heretaunga Pistol Club (HPC) is a multi discipline pistol shooting club that is located within the Trentham Rifle Range Reserve (TRRR), Trentham, Upper Hutt.  There is some interesting historical information about the TRRR available under the tab above labelled 'The Range'.

The shooting disciples we currently run on a regular basis are as follows:

     IPSC  (International Practical Shooting Confederation) handgun events.

     ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) handgun events.

     WA1500-PPC (World Association Precision Pistol Competition) events.

     Multi-Gun - This is a shooting discipline that requires the shooter to be proficient with a pistol, rifle and shotgun.

The HPC Range complex consists of 6 ranges, they are as follows:

     ranges 1 and 2 are for IPSC events up to a firing distance of 25m

     range 3 is for ISSF 25m events that are shot on electronically controlled turning targets

     range 4 is for WA1500-PPC events up to 50m

     range 5 consists of 2 ranges with range 5A for Multi-Gun events up to 35m and range 5B for Multi-gun (including center-fire rifle) events

     up to 100m.

The Range complex is designed so that when we host tournaments for IPSC and Multi-Gun we can use all our ranges concurrently.

We also have 2 shotgun aerial clay shooting ranges.

Club members are allowed the continued use of rifles and shotguns on Club Range with the proviso that all prohibited rifles, prohibited parts and prohibited magazines are not brought on to the Club Range or facilities. It is the members responsibility to bring only lawful firearms, parts and magazines on to our Range, if there is any doubt leave it secured at home.

Shotguns - no more than 5 rounds of any size are to be loaded into a semi-automatic or pump action shotgun.

Schedule of regular monthly events:

1st  Saturday - IPSC Level 1 handgun match on range 1 and range 2

                        - ISSF  handgun event on range 3

2nd Saturday - WA1500 Precision Pistol Competition (PPC) match on range 4

                         - ISSF  handgun event on range 3

                         - Committee meeting in the Club Rooms starting at 3:00pm

3rd Saturday - IPSC Level 2 handgun match on range 1 and range 2

                          - ISSF  handgun event on range 3

4th Saturday - Multigun match on range 5

                        - ISSF  handgun event on range 3

Upcoming events

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