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Interesting in Pistol Shooting?

Pistol Shooting is a safe and exciting sport. As a member of HPC, you will be joining an active group of like minded shooters who regularly participate in both club and national events around the country.

Club membership is a mandatory requirement for owning a pistol in NZ. There is also specific requirements which must be maintained in order to continue to own a pistol.

To begin the process of joining, you will need to register you interest with the club. From here, we will organise a date and time where a committee member will meet you at the Range to give you an overview of the club, and what we do. At this point you do not need to have your firearms licence, however you may not be able to have a go with a pistol until you do.

After your initial visit, you can attend Club matches another 2 times as a guest. After 3 visits to the range, you must make a decision regarding becoming a member if you want to continue participating.

If you decide you wish to continue, you must have your Firearms Licence. Details on how to obtain your Firearms Licence are available on the Police website Your membership will not be accepted by the Club until you have a Firearms Licence.

Once your probationary membership has been accepted, you are required to participate in the range shooting activities at least 12 times in the following 6 months. During this time, you will go through a training program which will teach you the basics of owning and shooting a pistol. You will also undertake various safety courses and tests as required.

After your 6 month probationary period, you can apply for your 'B' endorsement on your firearms licence, subject to committee approval. Once you receive this endorsement, you will become a full member of the club. For you to retain your B Endorsement you are required to comply with the Statutory Obligation of participating in the Club's range shooting events at least 12 times a year however the Club expects you to participate more often including assisting with the running of the events.

Still interested?

Register your interest here, and we will get back to you to organise a date and time to visit the range.

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